About L&S Digital Art

With Sallie's background in digital marketing and strategy, and Liza's success with her namesake online art gallery, the sister-in-laws are excited to launch an innovative way to acquire beautiful, curated digital art.

L&S Digital Art offers original digital artwork and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). With multiple styles, price points from both emerging and established artists, anyone can take advantage of this exciting new way to own original art.

“We love the opportunity to connect people with art that can easily travel with them, no matter where their journey may take them. We are excited to share original, one-of-a-kind digital art with you all.”  - Sallie and Liza

About NFT Digital Art

An exciting development in the art marketplace, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allow collectors to acquire original art in the form of digital tokens that can be enjoyed anywhere - whether that be in a corporate, hospitality or private home setting.

Thanks to the block-chain technology behind NFTs, the provenance and exclusive ownership rights of a work of art can be easily authenticated. The digital nature of NFTs also makes them easily transferable on open marketplaces.

Not just for technology enthusiasts, NFTs are real art for real people. To start collecting, all you need is a digital wallet (like MetaMask) and you can purchase your artwork through L&S Digital Art with any major credit card, Shop Pay, or cryptocurrency. Once your purchase is complete, the artwork is transferred to your wallet. It is then yours to display, share on social media, and even travel with. Think of it as your own portable art gallery!